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The Edo Tokyo taste, skill rotates; is Monday for 27 days from Wednesday, March 22, 2017 ※Most whole day 6:00 p.m. end Main Building 7F entertainments meeting place support :Eastern capital noren society

Tasting tradition and the seasonal Tokyo gourmet


We offered taste of popular store of Edomae-zushi with rolling thickly and rose handbill. It is pleased as present.
<Ginza / ginzakyuheiei>
(1)Rolling thickly one (running out of 10) 3,240 yen
(2)Rose handbill one 3,240 yen

Eat-inPlease have newly made taste at store.

Authentic Edo-style nigiri sushi using the material which increased person trouble.
<Ginza / Ginza sushi good luck main store> grasp in front of Edo
We close tuna red meat pickles, flatfish kelp and boil and wind up Japanese tiger prawn, medium-sized gizzard shad, dish simmered in clam, conger eel, home brew omelet, Kanpyo
2,700 yen

Founding 1760. Have taste not to change.
<Ningyocho / ball hide> ancestor oyakodon
One portion [limited in 300 points of every day] 1,501 yen

※Last order every day closing 30 minutes ago (only on the last day 5:30 p.m.)

"Of the 300th anniversary of the sakuramochi birth" feature

Taste various sakuramochi

Is begun to sell in front of Terakado of Mukaijima with long life; this year, birth 300 years. Please enjoy taste that became pronoun of Kanto-style sakuramochi now.

<the Mukaijima / mountain cause> 1,350 yen with six temple bean paste rice-cake wrapped in a cherry leaf with long life
※The sale date and time: From from Wednesday, March 22 to 26th Sunday every day 11:00 a.m.
※Sales figures vary according to day. Forgive on sellout.

We demonstrate every day in rotation and sell sakuramochi of today's sale Tokyo celebrity shop.

Wednesday, March 22 <*ta**honho> * one 270 yen
Thursday, March 23 <Ginza SEIGETSUDO main store >1 238 yen
Friday, March 24 <Hanazono Manju >1 303 yen
Saturday, March 25 <Toraya> * one 411 yen
Sunday, March 26 <Asakusa Umezono> * one 195 yen
Monday, March 27 <Aoyagi Masaie >1 238 yen
*We sell product of sakuramochi and others of no brand in the meeting place.

Many good flavor nice for cherry-blossom viewing to variety Yutaka!

First appearance Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi-limited

It is taste of "sakuramochi" letting you feel spring "white peach" "cream soda".
<Asakusa / stylish popcorn>
180 g of stylish spring mixed
1,080 yen

Modern style that rotates, and the skill is smart, and is elegant

When pour liquor; sakurahana**. As for the party spring by taking a swig at a bottle that cherry tree shines in glass especially gorgeously.
<Oshima / Tadano glass processing place>
Edo cut glass taking a swig at a bottle "four seasons one spring"

[three points of limits] 54,000 yen
(crystal glass, *sata, about diameter 7.0* 5.6cm in height)

  • We garnished small chest made of handsome paulownia with design of cherry tree. It is wonderful even if we put in office.
    <the Asakusa / box head>
    Three drawers (A4 size) "cherry tree"

    [ten points of limits] 42,120 yen
    (tree (paulownia), about width 37* depth 28* 27.6cm in height)

  • Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi-limited

    Heart is parasol of yuzen pattern of elegant freehand drawing to create gaiety to on day when sunlight is strong, and outing is fun, too.
    <Shimo / Nakajima umbrella processing place>
    Freehand drawing parasol

    [three points of limits] 64,800 yen

  • Dress the well-established yukata ground conveying prominent traditional technique in the present age well in the best.
    <Nihonbashi / *sen>
    (1)Oshu fine pattern standard length of cloth for kimono 70,200 yen
    (2)Pongee yukata standard length of cloth for kimono 35,640 yen
    (100% cotton)


Sum performance TEAM SAKURA

■Sunday, March 26 11:30 a.m. -, 2:30 p.m. ... (each time approximately 20 minutes)
■Special meeting place in main building 7F entertainments meeting place

Performance team where we were born from theater, Meijiza with the history that "TEAM SAKURA" was the longest in Tokyo. Please enjoy fight scene that is the biggest highlight of historical drama and pretty dance.
※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

  • ※Photograph is an example of cooking, arrangement.
  • ※By weather and traffic condition, it may not be received.
  • ※Price is all tax-included.
  • ※Please note that event contents may be changed by circumstances.
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