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- The 57th Exhibition of East Japan Traditional KOGEI by open call for participants exhibition 57th East Japan folkcraft exhibition - Kanto of people of tradition of the skill, Koshinnetsu, Tohoku, Hokkaido residence writer

It is 7:30 p.m. from Annex building 7F gallery no charge for admission 10:30 a.m. on Monday for 24 days from Wednesday, April 19, 2017 ※On the last day, we are closed at 6:00 p.m.

Sponsorship: Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education, Asahi Shimbun, nonprofit foundation Japan Kogei Association, nonprofit foundation Japan Kogei Association East Japan Branch
Support: Agency for Cultural Affairs, Iwate
Cooperation: MOA Art Museum

The 57th Exhibition of East Japan Traditional KOGEI

For the purpose of preservation of Japanese superior folkcraft and upbringing of successor, it is every year targeting at writers who are resident in Kanto, Koshinnetsu, Tohoku, Hokkaido
Held open call for participants exhibition. It was chosen after severe model examination with most new work of holder of an important intangible cultural property (living national treasure) and seven branches
We exhibit 318 points in cathedral.

Tokyo Governor Prize

Shibuichi place inlay box "page, at night"(rouginjizoganhako "teiya")
<metalworking> Kiminori Okumura

Governor of Iwate Prize

Silk pongee kimono "blooms in the rain"(we spin and "tear cage kimono in rain")
<dyeing and weaving> Chiaki Yamamoto

Asahi Shimbun prize

<ceramic art>StandMayumi

Japan Kogei Association prize

saihenkahana* "take"(saihengehanakago "calyx")
<tree bamboo work> Fujitsuka pine star

Nezu Museum director Prize

mokushinkiri**komi "snow noasa"(we fit pains and lie "yukinoasa")
<doll> Naoko Kojima

MOA Art Museum prize

Dry lacquer lacquer work jewel box "cherry blossom season rain"(kanshitsumakiehosekibako "cherry tree rain")
<lacquer art> Takashi Kudo

Mitsukoshi Tan Ise Prize

Yusenshippo lid thing "flower andromeda"(yuusenshippofutamono "hanaashibi")
<industrial arts> Takako Itani

River virtue prize

Container of Kojiro zelkova Aya line inlay(container of inlay to go to Jinda, and to bake, and not to face)
<tree bamboo work> kuwasanya*

Manager of Japan Kogei Association East Japan branch Prize

Chamfering pot "ju*"(we take noodles vug "jusei")
<metalworking> koden蕙

Prize for encouragement

Group of celadon porcelain oval transformation bowl(we cross politics oval strange Kei drumstick)
<ceramic art> sanjokei*

Prize for encouragement

Indigo plant printing kimono "flower diameter"(we meet, and person gets, and, "oh, thing rises")
<dyeing and weaving> Megumi Furuya charges

Prize for encouragement

Lacquer work hexagon incense game(makierokkakukougo)
<lacquer art> Yasuhiro Asai

Prize for encouragement

Grain of wood gold vase(cross Gane or wall)
<metalworking> Tamagawa master

Prize for encouragement

<tree bamboo work> Toshihiro Shimazaki

Prize for encouragement

mokushinkiri*kami* "family of wind"(it is pains and lie or watches and "passes of a cold")
<doll> Keiko Harayama

Prize for encouragement

Yusenshippo lid thing "pale green"(yuusenshippofutamono "asamidori")
<industrial arts> Yuko Takagi

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  • ※All the prize winners display in Annex building 7F gallery.
  • ※Please note that event contents may be changed by circumstances.
  • ※Price is all tax-included.
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