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Open call for participants exhibition of the 64th Japan folkcraft exhibition THE 64th JAPAN TRADITIONAL Kōgei EXHIBITION's greatest scale

It is 7:30 p.m. from main building, Annex building 7F gallery no charge for admission 10:30 a.m. on Monday, October 2 from Wednesday, September 20, 2017 ※On the last day, we are closed at 6:00 p.m.

Sponsorship: Agency for Cultural Affairs, Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education, NHK, Asahi Shimbun, (public corporation) Japan Kogei Association

The support: Asahi group art culture foundation, Mokichi Okada art culture foundation, Gotoh Museum, Panasonic Corporation,
Pola traditional culture promotion foundation

Cooperation: Mazda Motor Corporation, Open Door Inc.

President of Japan Kogei Association Prize

<lacquer art>"We flow" through dry lacquer box("we drift" to kanshitsubako)
Mina Okui

Kanshitsu box. "Flowing"

Prince Takamatsu memorial award

<dyeing and weaving>Half Saori kimono "spring river"(hanshaorikimono "Haruno river")
Ikuko Yamashita

Kimono of hansha-ori weave cloth. "Spring river"

Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Prize

<industrial arts>Glass silk thread crest flat bowl "one drop"(garasukinuitomonhirabachi "person drop")
Seira Adachi

Flat glass bowl with silk thread-like line design. "One drop"

Tokyo Governor Prize

<ceramic art>White device "die / stand"(we come "is it dai /?")
Wada mark

White vessel. "Dai / dai"
WADA Akira

NHK's chairperson Prize

<tree bamboo work>keyakizohachi(bee made with zelkova)

Bowl of zelkova wood.

Asahi Shimbun prize

<tree bamboo work>*modaihanakago "hermitism"(basket which is watermarks taste free of charge "is clear-cut and fearless")

Flower basket in sukashi-ajiro weave. "Aloof tranquility"

Japan Kogei Association's chairperson Prize

<ceramic art>Aya mud line crest jorum(saideisemmonobachi)
Seiji Usami

Large bowl with line design in colored slip.

Japan Kogei Association holder Prize

<metalworking>Ashibe mouth of a tea vessel which resembles that of an old woman's pot(ashibeubaguchigama)

Tea ceremony kettle with caved-in mouth and reedy waterside design.

Japan Kogei Association prize for encouragement

<dyeing and weaving>Edo-dyed clothe standard length of cloth for kimono "cards"(edokomonkijaku "we do not take")
Yasuyoshi Komiya

Cloth for kimono with Edo komon. "Playing card pattern"
KOMIYA Yasuyoshi

Japan Kogei Association prize for encouragement

<lacquer art>Lacquer work hexagon box "cascade"(makierokkakubako "bakufu")
Yuji Osumi

Hexagonal box with design in makie. "Waterfall"

Japan Kogei Association prize for encouragement

<doll>kiri*kami* "house road"(tousokamibari "ieji")
Kayoko Kojima

"Way home." Formed with tōso and covered with paper.

Japan Kogei Association prize for encouragement

<doll>kiri*fukami* "bugle horn"(tousonunokamibari "tsunobue")
Katsumi Murase

"Horn." Formed with tōso and covered with cloth and paper.
MURASE Katsumi

Japan Kogei Association prize for encouragement

<industrial arts>Oval inkstoneIs (;)
Yoichi Hieda

Oval inkstone.
HIEDA Yōichi

The Japan Kogei Association rookie of the year title

<lacquer art>*tai*hishiohako "river mist"(rantaikimmabako "kawagiri")
Natsuko Kamigaki

Box of rantai with design in kinma. "River mist"

The Japan Kogei Association rookie of the year title

<lacquer art>Dry lacquer slop-bowl "wind from where"(kanshitsugosu as for "cold from where")
Muroze intellect finally

Kanshitsu round covered box. "Where does the wind blow from"

The Japan Kogei Association rookie of the year title

<industrial arts>Mud Shippo vase "sound of wind"(doroshippokabin "fuuin")
Hideko Otsu

Opaque cloisonnéflower vase. "Sound of wind"
ŌTSU Hideko

In our country, there is industrial tradition to be prominent in the world. It is original figure that there is not what we remain in in instant while tradition being valid, and drifting, and having essence to be never replaced. Folkcraft is not merely that sumishu does conventional technique in imitation of old thing. Tradition becomes the industrial basics, and grasps this well and trains superior technique that we inherited from ancestors still more and believes when it is duty imposed on that we build new thing which accorded with today's life to us. In 1950, Cultural Properties Protection Act is enforced and will protect and nurture high industrial arts of in in the history or art particularly value as country. iwaseikagamisa did thigh width, work of each writer to ceramic art, dyeing and weaving, lacquer art, metalworking, tree bamboo work, doll, seven branches of industrial arts since 1954, and we held Japan folkcraft exhibition by winning work along the purpose. We hold 64th exhibition (2017) and look up at excellent ability in judgement of people widely and are going to contribute to healthy development of our country industrial arts.

Japan has one of the world' s greatest traditions of craftsmanship. Tradition is alive; while maintaining the intrinsic qualities, it undergoes an unceasing evolution. Traditional Art Crafts are not mere copies of previous works made faithfully following the existing techniques. Tradition is the basis of art craft, and it is our duty to learn it well, further refine the excellent skill which has been handed down through many generations, and create new works suitable to the modern living.In 1950, the Law for the Protection of Cultural Properties came into being, and since then the Japanese government has been protecting craft techniques of particularly high historical and/or artistic value.In accordance with this policy, the Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition has been held annually since 1954. The exhibits, classified into 7 categories of ceramics, textiles, urushi work, metalwork, woodwork and bamboowork, dolls, and various work, are selected through rigorous examination from the works submitted by many artists. We are pleased to present the 64th Exhibition (for the year 2017) in the hope that it will be enjoyed by many people and make contribution to the progress of art craft techniques of Japan.

Simultaneous holding

Special display — wazao — cultural assets preservation business report to convey
Ceramic art = "glaze bribe Aya" Minori Yoshita (holder of an important intangible cultural property)
Dyeing and weaving = "silk pongee" Sonoko Sasaki (holder of an important intangible cultural property)
■The Annex building 7F escalator side

Information for Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store Main Building 6F art floor

  • It is — in — Kutani chinaware there
    Jun Takegoshi ceramic works exhibition

    ■From Wednesday, September 20 to 26th Tuesday ※The last day is closing no charge for admission at 5:00 p.m.
    ■Main building 6F art choice art gallery

    New works exhibition of Jun Takegoshi who is ceramist on behalf of modern Kutani.
    Molding by the making of Tatara and colorful painting are characteristic.
    "Picture kingfisher incense lamp" (width 11.8 X depth 11.2 X 21.6cm in height) 648,000 yen

  • 2017 living national treasure small works exhibition

    ■From Wednesday, September 20 to Tuesday, October 3 no charge for admission
    ■Main building 6F arts and crafts salon

    We exhibit approximately 60 points of works of holder of an important intangible cultural property (living national treasure) who can use even everyday life.
    Please enjoy the high artistry to shine in the details.
    Hoseki Okuyama silver coin incense lamp "wandering sentence" (diameter 9.5 X 8.5cm in height) 1,080,000 yen

  • ※By convenience, contents of event may be changed. We would like to ask for your approval beforehand.
  • ※Price is all tax-included.
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