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It is main building, Annex building ladies' clothes floor on Tuesday, September 5 from MASTERPIECE Wednesday, August 9, 2017 of perfect gem ten selections Mitsukoshi which continues being loved for a long time

There is reason so that we continue being loved for a long time. We draw beauty of woman and grant good comfort and. MASTERPIECE of Mitsukoshi which was particular about D tale including design and functionality, and was built up. In value to satisfy heart—

Trench coat of <AQUA SCUTUM>

We advocate message, "person wearing it knows value of the best thing more than elegance, good quality, the times" <AQUA SCUTUM>. As well as household, we continue being loved for a long time by various fields celebrity and, by superior craftsman technology and innovativeness, are called "ancestor of trench coat". It is invariable style, but, by feeling at that time, we arrange belt errand, and we are mannish, and feminine can dress well for a long time, too.

Trench coat 140,400 yen

(63% cotton, 37% polyester, size: 4-12)
■Main building 3F AQUA SCUTUM


Trench coat color custom order
From Wednesday, August 9 to 21st Monday
Do you not find KOLOR fitting your external color?
You have a choice between three colors of dress materials, liner four colors for preference.
※Handing over: Approximately six weeks later

Cardigan of merino wool

We are proud of popularity as we are equal to dress of <TARA JARMON> having many fans toward celebrity of Paris, and we let go through a year, and user introduces cardigan of merino wool which does not die out. It is perfect gem which there are shortish silhouette, translucency like woman, and is delicate, and caught good-quality feel, feel of texture to be warm in winter coolly in the summer, and to feel, heart of many women including refined rich color variations.

Cardigan for each 35,640 yen

(100% wool, size: 36-40)
■Main building 2F TARA JARMON

<Carnet> Of this
Pearl steering wheel bag

Mind zukiya discovery to be born in manual labor being conscious of being "manufacturing", form of new idea. It is bag which Aizawa light he designs. We play an active part in ON/OFF, and functionality that simple appearance and A4 size contain attracts many women. We introduce popular Mitsukoshi Isetan-limited KOLOR, navy.

Pearl steering wheel bag 34,560 yen

(dress material: sheep leather, lining: 100% polyester, steering wheel part: product made in cotton blend rope, resin pearl, size: about W36 X H36 X D10cm)
■Main building 3F Mixury

Of <tadashishoji>
Dress which is lux

tadashishoji which plays an active part as fashion designer mainly on dress after various fatal encounters in Los Angeles where we dropped in at after having learned contemporary art. Dress characterized by beautiful waistline adds accessories to business scene if we put on jacket and private scene nito is wide and plays an active part and enslaves many women.

Dress 73,440 yen

(the upper dress material: 40% polyester, 40% rayon, 20% nylon, skirt portion: 91% polyester, 9% polyurethane, cuffs mesh part, lining: 100% polyester, size: 7-19, KOLOR: navy X black)
■Main building 3F tadashishoji

Stovepipe pants

Brand which publishes thigh width "Solo Pantaloni" (pants ray) in Italy more than 60. We continue having faith and know-how to realize a feeling of fitting of pants and beautiful silhouette and are particular about D tale. Stovepipe pants of no tuck specifications show the West circumference clearly, and double hem and feeling of length finish coordinates that are apt to become heavy in the fall and winter lightly.

No tuck hem double cigarette
Pants 33,480 yen

(99% wool, 1% polyurethane, size: 38-42)
■Main building 3F Mixury

<Haat> Of this
Embroidery bag of tamasha

Bag line of colorful, light <Haat>, "tamasha" mean festival by Gentoo. To Crafts Manship "whom person prepares necessary thing into for person heartily", we finish by expert technique of craftsmen of studio of India carefully one by one.

Bag 51,840 yen

(nylon, size: about W27 X H50 X D23cm, KOLOR: navy beige dark brown dark green)
■Annex building 4F Haat

Hair slide

<ALEXANDRE DE PARIS> which world-famous artist commented that we let the beauty of woman arrive at level of art, Louis Alexander lemon founded in 1957 is loved by celebrities of the world and establishes position as hair accessories brand representing France. We are still made carefully one by one in France by expert craftsman. While basic classic clip is simple design, we give impression that it is chic and is luxury.

Basic classic clip
For each 10,800 yen

■Annex building 3F ALEXANDRE DE PARIS

Gabardine stretch pants

We were born in town of London heated in fashion in the 1950s <JOSEPH>. It became said, "styling is not completed without pants of" <JOSEPH> in the 90s. We wear stretch material made in basic Italy of JOSEPH and moderate tapered silhouette and direct good point of feeling and beautiful bottom line.

Pants 33,480 yen

(52% rayon, 46% cotton, 2% polyurethane, size: 34-40, KOLOR: navy (pin-stripe))
■Annex building 2F JOSEPH

Of <Mikako Nakamura>
Cashmere coat

"To draw individuality of one to wear in the body to the maximum good-quality material creation that is minimal as for the clothes of <Mikako Nakamura> which loaded with thought, is limitlessly simple" is supported. We take semi-order that length, length of a kimono sleeve can choose. Semi-order coat fitting body creates appearance that is more elegant, and is dignified.

<Mikako Nakamura>
Cashmere coat (luna) semi-order
388,800 yen

(100% of cashmere, size: 36-44, KOLOR: black, camel off-white amethyst Jade)
※Handing over: It is approximately three months later from order

■Main building 3F Mixury

Of <foul out of the game>
Denim pants

Japan maid that Japanese delicate quality was jam-packed for all dough and processes. We were born as beautiful straight pants and gained the favor and evolved essence in the times including design of inseam to realize pattern along the human body and feminine step in model that attracted attention more to top seller model. We only wear and are denim pants which refined style can update.

<foul out of the game>
Denim pants 20,520 yen

(98% cotton, 2% polyurethane, size: 22-27 inches)
■Main building 2F NEW YORK RUN WAY


During period, we offer present to 50 customer first arrival of purchase in more than 2 shops with MASTERPIECE (product) which Mitsukoshi recommends in Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store, each ladies' floor shop.
※For more details, ask person in charge.

  • ※Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store should be store holiday on Tuesday for Tuesday, August 22, 29 days.
  • ※Please note that event contents may be changed by convenience.
  • ※Price is all tax-included.
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