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<weekend Max Mara> store OPEN for a limited time! It is main building 3F event space from Wednesday, April 19, 2017

It is born as casual collection of OFF TIME in 1984 to women in <Max Mara>. It is refined nature material, Collection characterized by comfortable, easy form while being traditional.

The left: Sweater…39,960 yen, shirt…33,480 yen, skirt…50,760 yen
The right: Bag…71,280 yen
※In addition, it is reference product.

We introduce Collection which mixed print to West-like modern safari-style under the theme of "my Africa" in venue. Print of giraffe and cactus print, African graphic print is expressed with earth color and pop KOLOR attractively.

The left: Dress…66,960 yen
The right: Jacket…54,000 yen, shirt…39,960 yen, pants…39,960 yen
※In addition, it is reference product.

<weekend Max Mara> must-have item "cotton linen jacket" of early summer comes up in earth color in 2017. Let alone set up, we suggest styling of print item which let play work. In addition, you can feel good point of material and comfort that are concept of brand by having you put on cotton dress of safari taste to play an active part in coming season and jersey dress of print.

In addition, we introduce item in the summer in the spring of 2017 of <weekend Max Mara>.
Come to venue by all means at this opportunity.

  • ※Price is all tax-included.
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