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Sale men's festival WINTER FASHION

It is Monday, December 4 from Wednesday, November 29, 2017 ※The last day is 6:00 p.m. end Main Building, Annex building 7F entertainments venue

We talk about men's style in elegant item which was full of feelings.

With two combinations of suit + suit / suit + coat / coat + coat preference a lot of 24,840 yen material, a lot of size

Is with spare slacks, of use of use of import dough, functional material others suit + suit / suit + coat / coat + coat preference put together; with two a lot of 32,400 yen material, a lot of size

Dress shirt for each 5,184 yen

(100% cotton, size: 38-43cm)

A lot of tie for each 5,832 yen

(a lot of material)

(1)Business shoes for each 10,800 yen
(cowhide, size: 24.5-27cm)

(2)Business belt made in Japan
For each 10,800 yen

(goat leather, size: to adjustable size (West 100cm correspondence))

A lot of cashmere sweaters for each 14,040 yen
(100% of cashmere)

At the same time held Easy order custom-made shirt acceptance fair

From tailored suit yoridori two newly made [100 sets of limits] 59,400 yen
(a lot of material, 3.2m cut, clothing material: each country of origin country, sewing: Japan)

From custom-made shirt [two pieces of one set] newly made 14,040 yen
(cotton, polyester, sewing: Japan)

  • ※Please note that event contents may be changed by convenience.
  • ※Price is all tax-included.
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