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eiden**tenwakakami "summer fearfully absorption" ■It is Tuesday for 25 days from Wednesday, July 12, 2017 ■Main building 5F stationery

eiden**tenwakakami "summer fearfully absorption"

Artist, Tetsuya Nagata who adopt memory of Japan from shoe tree of Japanese confectionery. Classic tool "cake shoe tree" to use for the making of Japanese confectionery left in various parts of Japan. We model figure form of shoe tree after the same Japanese paper and are work which we revivified as "wakakami". Japanese paper is used for Japanese paper in silk brightness and the west of praised intangible cultural asset, and a certain irregularities expression rises beautifully. Beautiful handwork of form of celebration of Japan and cake shoe tree craftsman, memory and texture of Japanese confectionery are inherited in the present age by new expression with "Japanese paper".

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