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The Star Festival of Mitsukoshi

It is each main building, Annex building floor on Friday, July 7 from Wednesday, June 21, 2017

July 7 "day to join important person and feeling together"

"The Star Festival" to appreciate that we were able to spend the first half of one year safely, and to think about important person. Hope that feeling is connected while remembering family and partner, happy smile of friend.

<joke polygonum filiforme> Collection

■From Wednesday, June 21 to 27th Tuesday
■Main building 4F bloom end

It is matchmaking in polygonum filiforme on the Star Festival. We introduce accessories which are good to present to important one <joke polygonum filiforme> to diversity including obi buckle and Japanese hairpin which you can match with yukata.

<joke polygonum filiforme>
Obi buckle for each 3,456 yen

(paper, rayon)

■Main building 4F bloom end

※String is reference product for three minutes.

<Omotesando around>
Kimono is fair in the summer

■From Wednesday, June 21 to 27th Tuesday
■Main building 4F bloom end

We prepared kimono in summer of discerning material that comfort to play an active part in hot summer was refreshing. It is recommended to summer event including Star Festival date and dinner party.

<Omotesando around>
Newly made summer kimono 49,680 yen

(72% of hemp, fiber (bamboo fiber) 28% out of the designation)

Nagoya Zone 49,680 yen

(100% of silk)
※Other accessories are reference products.

Wish of star which we hid in clockface

■From Wednesday, June 28 to Friday, July 7
■Main building 6F clock salon

Diamond which ranged like like brightness of star studded with or the Milky Way introduces clock deserving to be present of the Star Festival including set design in the sky.

Off center hour
1,922,400 yen

(ladies', self-winding watch, SS case)

Rendezvous knight & day
1,539,000 yen

(ladies', self-winding watch, SS case)

It is five colors of meals on the Star Festival

■From Wednesday, June 21 to Friday, July 7
■Main building B1F food floor

It is said that the origin of strip of paper decoration of the Star Festival comes from five colors of threads expressing Chinese Yin, Yang and five elements combination theory. Does wish of good luck charm not surround put lucky event food with family, too?

<Goshiki Somen Morikawa>
Goshiki Somen
50 g X 5 497 yen
■Main building B1F Grocery

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

<Kimuchikan> Five colors of Star Festival kimpa
One (approximately 18cm) 751 yen
■Main building B1F Kimuchikan

<pot shop> Star Festival five colors Inari
One (with five) 864 yen
■Main building B1F pot shop

de lucky day of yukata, summer pluck

■From Friday, July 7 to 9th Sunday
■Each main building, Annex building floor

Visit privilege with kimono look is full in yukata and summer during period for "day of yukata" on July 7!
Object: Man and woman of yukata, summer kimono wearing and child dressed in jinbei (as for the adult's jinbei look, impossible)
(1)Photography by photographer professional in main building 4F kimono salon.

(every day from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00)

※You may have to wait at the time of congestion.

(2)Services various in restaurant cafe of each floor toward the meal.

※For more details, please confirm as you distribute advantageous leaflet in main building 4F kimono salon.

※During exhibition period, person in charge has all of you with yukata, kimono look, too.

※Photograph is image of last year.

It is ... for wish to ... strip of paper
Star Festival wish spot

■From Wednesday, June 21 to Friday, July 7
■Each main building, Annex building floor

Let's display strip of paper which wrote wish to bamboo grass decoration of the Star Festival in each site in the building.
Strip of paper of this year is strip of paper of "bamboo tissue" which assumed 100% of Japanese bamboo in consideration for environment raw materials (cooperation: Chuetsu Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd.).
Please pray for strip of paper which had you fill out in Kanda Myojin after exhibition period.

We choose charms such as initial you like, constellation stone, number plate and can customize necklace.

<festaria bijou SOPHIA>
(1)Necklace 61,560 yen

※Combination price
(K18YG, ruby)

From a lot of charms 8,640 yen
■Main Building 1F accessories


Star Festival - weather woman of adult vs. astronomy commentator ...

■Friday, July 7 (1) 5:00 p.m. - (2) 6:30 p.m. ... (each time 60 minutes)

■Place: puranetariamu Milky Way-za (the request for Katsushika-ku Akashi Tateishi temple)
■Lecturer: Airi Yamagishi (weather caster), Ryo Kasuga (the chief priest)
■Entrance fee: 4,320 yen

■Application, inquiry: Annex building 9F culture salon

While Ryo Kasuga of member of the chief priest and planetarium commentary appreciates planetarium in professionals of weather caster Airi Yamagishi and astronomy, we comment on starlit sky of the Star Festival. Please enjoy special space and pleasant talk in planetarium in rare temple in the world.

  • ※Please note that event contents may be changed by convenience.
  • ※Price is all tax-included.
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