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Sale Wacoal special bazaar

It is finished at 6:00 p.m. on the last day on Tuesday on 28th from Wednesday, November 22, 2017. Annex building 7F entertainments venue


By trendy rose pink and delicate flower embroidery elegantly.

Camisole 2,484 yen
Tap pants 2,700 yen

In Wacoal special bazaar venue, we present "lingerie wash" toward the purchase more than tax-included 16,200 yen in the following schedule.

200 people the first for 22 days on Wednesday
100 people the first for 23 days on Thursday (holiday) for - 26 days on Sunday in every day
※It is only for one point of one every day

Brassiere & shorts

With natural reckoning feeling and functionality, it is beautiful in silhouette.

From hotchpotch advance Bra 4,320 yen
Shorts 1,296 yen


Line is refreshing with bottoms which are tight with specifications that are hard to affect outer.

Short girdle 2,700 yen
Long girdle 3,780 yen


With fluent texture, he/she wraps up the bare skin softly.

Bracelet-length sleeve Tops for each 3,024 yen
Seven minutes length bottoms 1,728 yen


Refined floral design be rich, and is various, and offer attractive design including outside Shiga simple egg button.

The left: Nightwear 4,212 yen

The right: Comfortable kindness design senior brand woman pajamas 4,644 yen to take its ease

Egg button (R)

Kids' wear

Comfort was good and had pajamas made by mobile tailor abundantly.

The left: Boy pajamas 4,104 yen (size: 95-170cm)

The right: Girl pajamas 4,104 yen (size: 95-165cm)

Maternity item

We prepared underwear and pajamas which were useful for after giving birth in before childbirth.

Import item

We prepared import brand of refined design.

Men's item

We offer underwear and pajamas which were particular about functionality and comfort.

The latest introduction

"sugo ihakukeidan"
Using extra-fine microacrylic, we realize light wear more thinly than conventional "warm underwear" of Wacoal. He/she controls a feeling of wearing extra clothes of appearance.
From underwear 3,672 yen

Today's 6-day service, time service from 3:00 p.m.
We introduce in Wednesday, November 22 issue WEB guides.

  • ※Please note that event contents may be changed by convenience.
  • ※Price is all tax-included.
  • ※Price varies according to size.
  • ※Some size constitution varies according to design KOLOR.
  • ※torioki over telephone comes, and forgive order.
  • ※Product without composition notation of "Wacoal special bazaar" is each a lot of material, country of origin country.
  • ※Product of photograph becomes an example.
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