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Cafe of opening
Natural life to begin in BIO HOTEL®

■Exhibition period: From Wednesday, March 1 to 7th Tuesday
■Meeting place: Cafe GATE-A of main building 7F opening

BIO HOTEL® which assumes health and environmental consideration concept. We introduce life miscellaneous goods and food letting you image hotel life.

Cafe of opening

■Exhibition period: From Wednesday, March 15 to 21st Tuesday (finished daylong at 6:00 p.m.)
■Meeting place: Cafe GATE-A of main building 7F opening

GSJ which sends game music that Japan is proud of to the world to the world by original approach. Cafe & Mitsukoshi Theater of GSJ X opening to become the first collaboration "P5!"

Mitsukoshi online store

■Specifically, please see the homepage "GAME SYMPHONY JAPAN PREMIUM WEEK" of Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store.

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Culture Salon
... Foot Reading ... which does not sell foot

■Exhibition period: Sunday, March 26
■Meeting place: Annex building 9F culture salon

Foot walked the life with you. It is part which thought and feelings that we felt at the time of experience with it are engraved into. Of the life that is new as for good luck and the thing that review oneself properly before asking, and pay off is important to step forward. Do you not review means of transportation slowly and carefully?

■The date and time: Sunday, March 26 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
■Lecturer: Saori Ichino (nurse House of Confianza cough acupuncture needle moxibustion therapist)
■Tuition: 4,320 yen

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Nihonbashi-cho University
We drop in by rakugo on PREMIUM Friday!

■Exhibition period: Friday, March 31
■Meeting place: Annex building 9F culture salon

Friday on Friday every month premium the last! You leave company, and you drop in, and do you not really enjoy slightly early? We hold mini-rakugo party every month in Mitsukoshi culture salon. With light meal and drink, please enjoy the night of Friday.

■The date and time: Afternoon of Friday, March 31 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
■Lecturer: The Shunputei one left
■Tuition: 3,240 yen (with light meal, one drink)

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"Jack-in-the-box" / reading "director handbook"

■Exhibition period: From Friday, March 10 to 17th Friday
■Meeting place: Main building 6F Mitsukoshi Theater

Nice thing comes, or sad thing comes out or does not know if we do not open? The life is right jack-in-the-box! Subtleties of various human relations and the life that Kuniko Mukoda draws. We send play, two copies by reading in a part.

■The original: Kuniko Mukoda

■Appearance: Yuko Natori, Ikkei Yamamoto, fair wind Narumi, Koji Nakamoto, Rokuro Kitamura

■Admission: S seat 6,500 yen A seat 5,000 yen (all seat designation)

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News from Mitsukoshi Theater

It is page to tell about the latest information of news Mitsukoshi Theater from Mitsukoshi Theater. Please read before arrival.Mitsukoshi Theater ticket page is this place

About performer change of "the 597th Mitsukoshi rakugo society" (5/26)

About performer change of "the 597th Mitsukoshi rakugo society" (5/26)

We guide about performer change of "the 597th Mitsukoshi rakugo society" (5/26).

Koraku Sannyuutei published in some mediums called off appearance by circumstances.
It is replaced, and Enraku Sannyuutei does daien.
Excuse me, but we hope that we have understanding with understanding.

■"The 597th Mitsukoshi Theater"
The curtain rises at 6:00 on the afternoon of Friday, May 26, 2017
Appearance: Enraku Sannyuutei / Tsuruko Shofukutei / Kyotaro Yanagiya / Bunji Katsura / Bunzo Tachibanaya

◇2017 is the Mitsukoshi Theater opening 90th anniversary

About VR picture release of Mitsukoshi Theater

About VR picture release of Mitsukoshi Theater

On March 15, 2017, we released the hall, dressing room scenery of Mitsukoshi Theater as picture contents "Mitsukoshi Theater Selection" of PSVR-adaptive application "anywhereVR" released than Sony Corporation music entertainment in last December.

In addition to the splendid hall inside with figure at the time of the 1927 opening on, we picturize from the stage top that we cannot usually see to scenery of dressing room.

In "anywhereVR," Mitsukoshi Theater becomes the first picture contents that we projected theater on. We are going to release sequentially in the Asia region and are provided free for a limited time until June 30, 2017.

・We can download "anywhereVR" from Playstation store.
・Age targeted for PSVR is more than 12 years old.
・Contents using VR function are included in this product. PSVR and PlayStaion camera are necessary to experience VR function.

◇2017 is the Mitsukoshi Theater opening 90th anniversary

Under recruitment of "Mitsukoshi Theater theater club" members

Under recruitment of "Mitsukoshi Theater theater club" members

It is member system to have you enjoy Mitsukoshi Theater more usefully.

■Main privilege of member:
* We send performance information of future Mitsukoshi Theater to home every month.
* We guide a lot of advance reservations for member of theater club.
* We guide a lot of performances to be available with member special price.

■Annual convention costs: 1,500 yen (the public) / 1,000 yen (Mitsukoshi M card, Isetan eye card member)

■Application: Apply directly at Mitsukoshi Theater reception desk. Visitor having Mitsukoshi M card, Isetan eye card accepts over telephone.
※Specifically, please refer to Mitsukoshi Theater.

◇2017 is the Mitsukoshi Theater opening 90th anniversary

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