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© Fukaya Kaoru / Kodansha

Cafe of opening
Christmas - Fukaya Kaoru exhibition ... of "night watch cat"

■Exhibition period: From Wednesday, November 22 to Tuesday, December 5
■Meeting place: Main building 7F HajimarinocaféGATE AB

To popular Twitter comics of comic artist Fukaya Kaoru, new book release of book of "night watch cat", we can enjoy the world in night watch cat X Christmas including original picture display and sale of goods. Does much-talked-about cat not indulge in the world of comics of main character work which featured the theme of "tears" while we live?

For more information:
※You can see from Monday, November 6.

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※Wednesday, November 22 10:00 a.m. - Tuesday, December 26 10:00 a.m.

Mitsukoshi Culture Salon
Christmas wreath of gross pink

■Exhibition period: Thursday, November 30
■Meeting place: Annex building 9F culture salon

We garnish natural material of Blanco yl lease with redinarozu or poinsettia, and let's make lease feminine kindly to shine elegantly with gross pink.

■The date and time: Thursday, November 30 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
■Lecturer: ka*koko (the Masae living flower classroom sponsorship)
■Tuition: 12,960 yen
■Belonging: Craft scissors, apron, Japanese towel

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Nihonbashi-cho University
We taste Japanese sausage from newly-founded country with beer of Showa and Heisei
... sausage birth 100 years. Pour, and distribute; beer pairing ...

■Exhibition period: Sunday, November 12
■Meeting place: Beer university (Nakano-ku)

Massan was in sausage world! First Japanese domestic sausage is born this year; and the 100th anniversary. We realize Japanese sausage from newly-founded country and meeting of pairing of beer in commemoration of it. The same beer will experience that taste changes by server of Showa and Heisei and technique of craftsman.

■The date and time: It is from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 for from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 on Sunday, November 12
■Appearance: Shoji Yamamoto (beer university president)
■Tuition: Each time 6,480 yen

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© Tetsu Hashimoto

Actresses of citizen of theatrical company art performance "work club"

■Exhibition period: From Saturday, December 2 to 17th Sunday
■Meeting place: Main building 6F Mitsukoshi Theater

New school of drama motion beginning in Tsukiji small theater. Part-time job mediation work "work club" by actress not to be able to eat what actresses suffering economic distress devised. Story representing figure of actresses who are troubled with play, and are troubled with love, and are troubled with poverty, and do not give up that still we live.

■Appearance: Tomoko Naraoka, Yoko Yoshida, Akemi Sakurai, Misako Nakaji, Fujimaki rumohoka

■Admission: General 6,500 yen, U25 (25 years old or younger) 4,000 yen, night ticket (6th .14 days) 4,500 yen (all seat designation)

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Mitsukoshi rakugo society special plan "Mitsukoshi December variety hall"

■Exhibition period: Thursday, December 28
■Meeting place: Main building 6F Mitsukoshi Theater

We gain laughter of one year by the luxurious members deserving to be if we complete the Mitsukoshi Theater 90th anniversary!

■The date and time: Afternoon of Thursday, December 28 1:00 ...
■Appearance: Gontaro Yanagiya, Konan Katsura, harufuteiichikoreho, Niraku Hayashiya, Mikisuke Katsura
■Admission: General 3,500 yen, student 2,500 yen

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Service info

News from Mitsukoshi Theater

It is page to tell about the latest information of news Mitsukoshi Theater from Mitsukoshi Theater. Please read before arrival.Mitsukoshi Theater ticket page is this place

News of "Mitsukoshi Theater ticket counter" time in change

News of "Mitsukoshi Theater ticket counter" time in change

Time in of Mitsukoshi Theater ticket counter (theater front entrance side reception desk) was changed for from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. from Friday, June 1.
Thank you for your understanding.

News of the "Mitsukoshi Theater email service" end

News of the "Mitsukoshi Theater email service" end

We had Friday, September 29, 2017 and let you mourn over the end by Mitsukoshi Theater email service.
We will tell all of you about information in future in Mitsukoshi Theater formula Facebook or our page.

■Mitsukoshi Theater formula Facebook

Under recruitment of "Mitsukoshi Theater theater club" members

Under recruitment of "Mitsukoshi Theater theater club" members

It is member system to have you enjoy Mitsukoshi Theater more usefully.

■Main privilege of member:
* We send performance information of future Mitsukoshi Theater to home every month.
* We guide a lot of advance reservations for member of theater club.
* We guide a lot of performances to be available with member special price.

■Annual convention costs: 1,500 yen (the public) / 1,000 yen (Mitsukoshi M card, Isetan eye card member)

■Application: Apply directly at Mitsukoshi Theater reception desk. Visitor having Mitsukoshi M card, Isetan eye card accepts over telephone.
※Specifically, please refer to Mitsukoshi Theater.

◇2017 is the Mitsukoshi Theater opening 90th anniversary

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