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Main building 4F

<SONIA RYKIEL Collection> collection is fair in early summer

■... Tuesday, April 25 during holding
■Main building 4F variation in size event space

As for the theme, `TERRE' (tail) - earth ... is theme. We cross "feminine D tale" in "strong summer color" and express. In addition, we close 'patchwork floral design' boldly and improve, and season with lace, embroidery, frill everywhere and suggest romantic style in summer feminine. Please go out at this opportunity.


■From Wednesday, April 26 to Tuesday, May 2
■Main building 4F variation in size event space

The spring latest fair of Liberty print of extreme popularity. We introduce cut-and-sew and sweater of Liberty print that it is easy to use even one piece for as inner to variation richness. In addition, we offer stole, bag which are suitable for summer.

<Reiko Aoki> POP UP SHOP

■May 3 Wednesday (holiday) - 9th Tuesday
■Main building 4F event space

Introduction of original brand of Reiko Aoki who is based in New York, and is playing an active part in magazine, advertisement as illustrator. We have article which is suitable for gift on Mother's Day including bag and pouch which treated original print that becoming permanently free from danger becoming permanently free from danger and walking woman were pictured in cityscape of New York abundantly.

■A part of the product is available in Mitsukoshi online store.
Mitsukoshi online store

<wild cat kurotchi>

■May 3 Wednesday (holiday) - 14th Sunday
■Main building 4F lightwell east

Eyes are bad and are quarrelsome. But we are actually gentle at heart in shy people. We introduce <wild cat kurotchi> dreaming of everybody living peacefully.

[information for event]
Costume appearance of <wild cat kurotchi>! Let's take photograph with kurotchi!

■May 3 Wednesday (holiday) .6 days Saturday .7 days Sunday .13 days Saturday .14 days Sunday
■Time: Every day 1:00 p.m. ..., 3:00 - approximately 30 minutes

"You and kurotchi" corner that fields attendant harmony among portrait world champion describes
Extreme popularity! It is fields attendant harmony among portrait world meeting synthesis champion for 2,011 years to deal with "LINE stamp" of wild cat kurotchi. We are brought up while seeing movie reputation that grandfather described. Portrait career is 19 years how! (

■The date and time: May 5 Friday (holiday) .11 days Thursday .12 days Friday
Every day from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

■The time required: Approximately 20 minutes per one

■Contents: kurotchi and the person, portrait (basically live.of family In the case of from photograph, it is additional charge. House cat is possible, too, but is rate for one.)

■Rate: One…3,000 yen, two people…5,000 yen

※After that it is added 1,500 yen whenever we increase by one (hiki)
※We add 1,000 yen per one from photograph
※All are rates including kurotchi
※It is all tax-excluded

■Advance order, inquiry: 03-3274-8372 (main building 4F Season Square direct communication)

[information for workshop]
Soap workshop of herb expert Yorozu Suzuki Yuka

Workshop which makes favorite herb which silhouette of cat appears on and soap (two) which confined essential oil. Soap of <eddy temple> does not use too many thing including synthetic surface active agent and synthetic preservatives. Soap ( of <eddy temple> keeping the making of soap which is calm in both person to employ centering on thought "that oneself was the other self of nature if we say so" and environment in mind. Please enjoy workshop which herb expert Yorozu Suzuki Yuka presides over.
※This is not cosmetic. Please enjoy as flavor and interior to see, and to enjoy tameo.

■The date and time: May 3 Wednesday (holiday) .9 days Tuesday .13 days Saturday
Every day 11:00 a.m. ..., 1:30 p.m. ...

■Entrance fee: 3,500 yen (it includes tax-included material cost)
■Capacity: Each ten times
■The time required: Approximately one hour
■Advance order, inquiry: 03-3274-8372 (main building 4F Season Square direct communication)

<feh Eve by TOPYS> POP UP SHOP

■From Wednesday, May 10 to 16th Tuesday
■Main building 4F casual event space

Sisters brand <feh Eve by TOPYS> of <TOPYS> opens a store for the first time. Feelings to lasting material of <TOPYS> have item which we hang, and youthful sensitivity was put together with while succeeding. Please see by all means at this opportunity.

Clothing <situraé> & <CALICO> of Mekong and hand work of India

■From Monday, May 15 to 23rd Tuesday
■Main building 4F lightwell east

Cloth of hand work that to weave more than generation and is inherited and breathe to live. "Provide natural original color and living to feel form; of <situraé> to feature the theme of Cambodia Laos craftsman sends clothes of silk and cotton which-colored, be dyed, and did handwoven textiles of nature including ebony, indigo plant, rack." From Indian handwork cloth brand <CALICO: the ART of INDIAN VILLAGE FABRICS>, we send clothes of handwork cloth which has been conveyed in kadikotton, jam tick texture, India including block print (xylograph printed cotton).


■From Wednesday, May 17 to 23rd Tuesday
■Main building 4F lightwell west

Embroidery (embroidery) lace brand <PJC>. It is "arrival at luxurious daily life" by textile which imaged most of motifs from "grass, flower, tree". We reproduce past popular print with ardent request on scale more this time and introduce.

[information for workshop]
<PJC> Workshop

Cut-and-sew INGNI classroom
■The date and time: Thursday, May 18 .20 days Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
■Entrance fee: 12,960 yen (it includes material cost)

karutonaju production

■The date and time: Sunday, May 21 .22 days Monday
From 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (we include break for from the midday to 1:30 p.m.)

■Entrance fee: 8,640 yen (it includes material cost)

■Advance order, inquiry: 03-3274-8372 (main building 4F Season Square direct communication)

<COSA NOSTRA> spring fair

■From Wednesday, May 17 to 23rd Tuesday
■Main building 4F casual event space

From <COSA NOSTRA>, we introduce item for a limited time. We have mainly on knit item which affected D tale including jacquard errand and lace trainer.

[information for event]
17AW order society

■Schedule: From Wednesday, May 17 to 21st Sunday

[present, privilege]
During period, we give present to the first 100 people who had product be reserved in the fall and winter.

<SONIA RYKIEL Collection> Rykiel black

■From Wednesday, May 24 to 30th Tuesday
■Main building 4F casual event space

6DRESS - with spangle ... for the "DAY - NIGHT" various scenes. We designed black dress in spangles in horizontal stripes and trompe l'oeil style like <SONIA RYKIEL Collection>. Please choose one piece of the best of day of fine weather.

Annex building 4F

Red seal rotates with mother

■From Wednesday, April 26 to Sunday, May 14
■Annex building 4F lifestyle

It is station on Mother's Day when we put [thing] such as gift item, blouse or cut and sone of Mother's Day and [actually] to spend together, and to make with mother and child together. We hold workshop making original red seal book using zanfu. We introduce map of the Seven Deities of Good Luck of Nihonbashi to be able to go round with red seal book which we made immediately.

■The date and time: It is from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 in every day on Sunday for .14 days on Saturday for .13 days on Sunday for - seven days on Friday (holiday) on May 5 on Sunday for .30 days on April 29 (soil, celebration)

■Entrance fee: 540 yen (tax-included)

<vurasuburamu> La celebration

■From Monday, May 15 to 23rd Tuesday
■Annex building 4F lifestyle

We reached the brand tenth anniversary <vurasuburamu>. Worn-out dough using linen of Kortrijk of Belgium adds to comfortable clothes and introduces limited article which memorialized the tenth anniversary including collaboration dress of collaboration leather sneakers and <Jupe By JACKIE> and <Vlas Blamme> of <K, SWISS> and <Vlas Blamme>.

<Ken land linen> trip to follow linen

■From Wednesday, May 24 to 30th Tuesday
■Annex building 4F lifestyle

<Ken land linen> is born as knit brand using "linen" material to all products under the theme of planet quality. We introduce available thing, item utilized characteristic that material to be kind to body has again through season.

Main Building 3F

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

<weekend Max Mara> store for a limited time

■Under holding
■Main building 3F event space

It is born as casual collection of OFF TIME in 1984 to women in <Max Mara>. It is volume and Collection characterized by comfortable, easy form wrapping up by refined nature material while being traditional.

[information for event]
Dress Collection

We introduce mainly on dress which featured the theme of Africa including jersey dress which expressed cotton shirt dress of safari taste and nature of savanna by graphical print.
■Schedule: From Wednesday, May 10 to 23rd Tuesday

The <PARFAGE >30 anniversary fair second

■... Tuesday, April 25 during holding
■Main Building 3F intimate salon

New works of series of favorable reception making design specifications to each bust needs by cup size are received. E?G cup to push A?D cup improving the volume and hearty bust with soft and full pad with thickness to put bust, and to push up from both the side and bottom, and to show to slender, glamourous silhouette.

[product of photograph]
Brassiere…9,288 yen ...


■... Tuesday, April 25 during holding
■Main building 3F event space west

Mainly on blouse item, miscellaneous goods items such as stole or charge account collar of attributive quality that is good to gift unfold. Product which was particular about material and print is prepared. <SCAPA> suggests present to important person.

[privilege, present]
・During event period, we offer limited original gift box.

・We give "linen hanger cover containing original brand logo" to visitor of purchase with product targeted for event.


■... Tuesday, May 2 during holding
■Main building 3F space #3

Japan sen Shizu plan of <Yohji Yamamoto / Yohji Yamamoto + NOIR>. Yohji Yamamoto which features the making of discerning clothes which we made use of characteristic that dough has in. We introduce many Mitsukoshi Isetan-limited products using traditional print and sengiho only in Japan this time. Please sense "delicacy" (delicacy) that Yohji Yamamoto which we made techniques of crease-making processing, shirring on expresses bodily.

<ale Dole> POP UP SHOP

■From Wednesday, April 26 to Tuesday, May 2
■Main building 3F event space west

Costume jewelry which Mr. designer Waki straight branch built up carefully one point of one point. For early summer, we introduce accessories of soft impression that elegance of flower and woman is felt.

[information for event]
Broach workshop to enjoy in parent and child 2.3 generations
■Exhibition period: April 29 (soil, celebration) .30 days Sunday
■Time: Four people the first at 11:30 a.m. at ..., 1:00 p.m. ..., 3:00 p.m. in each ... time

■Expense: (1)We can choose color of stone to choose 5,400 yen (tax-included) base among two colors, and to place. With lapping.
(2)We can choose color of stone placing 8,640 yen (tax-included). With lapping.

<raze> The latest introduction

■From Wednesday, April 26 to Tuesday, May 9
■Main Building 3F intimate salon

Cup skin side uses high ventilation material mesh material bust under part. Ventilation fits well comfortably. Shinsaku of brassiere "air Lee mermaid" for summer made its debut.

[product of photograph]
Brassiere…8,964 yen ...
Shorts…4,212 yen

<SOUSOU> Mother's Day fair

■From Wednesday, April 26 to Sunday, May 14
■Main Building 3F intimate salon

It is domestic production work tabi and kimono, furniture using original textile, production of miscellaneous goods, collaboration group with brand <SOUSOU> of Kyoto selling in concept in "modern design to be on the traditional axis of Japan". We added spacious sleeve to dress of simple rectangular model. Textile is different by KOLOR. KO, LG KOLOR "plonk dahlia" PI, BU KOLOR "interval seed." Please dress bold print with impact well smartly. It is recommended in present of Mother's Day.

[product of photograph]
Dress…10,800 yen

<AMACA> X <ashinanyuyoku>

■May 3 Wednesday (holiday) - 9th Tuesday
■Main building 3 building event space west

We introduce collaboration product of <ashinanyuyoku> of <AMACA> and hat brand of ladies' clothes brand. Please enjoy the summer clothing with hat of <ashinanyuyoku> which is available with casual style by light feel of texture in spite of being elegant design widely.

<tadashishoji> perfect dress

■May 3 Wednesday (holiday) - 9th Tuesday
■Main building 3F space # 3

We were particular about silhouette and good comfort to make body of woman look beautiful <tadashishoji>. Precedence introduces jacket only in Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store to be able to put on dress in business and the everyday dress-up scene.

[information for event]
Talk show by fashion producer Akira Uematsu person

We introduce advice of fashion check and wearing in pleasant talk show.
■The date and time: May 3 Wednesday (holiday) 1:00 p.m. ..., 3:00 p.m. ...

[present, privilege]
We give novelty to visitor of purchase more than tax-included 54,000 yen.

<AKRIS> summer Collection fair 2017

■May 3 Wednesday (holiday) - 9th Tuesday
■Main building 3F event space

Collection arrived in high summer of <AKRIS> which was particular about the refreshing subject matter to be able to spend the midsummer in Japan comfortably. We introduce item that comfortable cotton and linen silk material, beautiful embroidery accentuated.

Comfortable knit underwear "arrival at sky" debut of early summer

■May 3 Wednesday (holiday) - 16th Tuesday
■Main Building 3F intimate salon

New knit underwear "arrival at sky" (eat come) makes the debut from summer <Wacoal>. Silver ion (Ag+) restrains increase of sweat and half-dried unpleasant bad-smelling pathogen by making polygin processing born in Sweden on refreshing material. Sweat perspiration quick-drying, thin, light cotton blend underwear with superior breathability. Furthermore, it is design having rather high back which can be equivalent to sweat of back.

[product of photograph]
Camisole…3,348 yen ...

<DAKS> effortless modern

■From Wednesday, May 10 to 16th Tuesday
■Main building 3F space # 3

<DAKS> We suggest seasonal styling in modishness which succeeded to high a certain no identity tradition and quality.

[present, privilege]
Bouquet of flower arrangement is presented on Mother's Day on Saturday, May 13 by the first 20 people of purchase

<souhait®> NEW DRESS STYLE

■From Wednesday, May 10 to 16th Tuesday
■Main building 3F event space

It is suggested new dress item in colorful knit item by popular <Sue>. Knit dress that silhouette is beautiful gets a lot of looks in colored pattern that, besides, there is not including jacquard of polychromatic errand. Please enjoy not only the on scenes of meeting, the party scene but also dress down dress styling changing for styling in off the scene by haori to put together.

<Atsuko Matano> cat fair

■From Wednesday, May 10 to 16th Tuesday
■Main building 3F event space west

Characters "MEME" of cat of <Atsuko Matano> emerges in main building 3F event space west. We have new product and direct view of the world of cat. Please enjoy coordinates to feeling.

[product of photograph]
(1)Cat…6,372 yen ...
(2)Rabbit…5,724 yen ...

2017-2018 FUR COLLECTION in the fall and winter <Mila Schoen>

■From Wednesday, May 17 to 23rd Tuesday
■Main Building 3F fur salon

Collection of <Mila Schoen> of 2017-2018 fall and winter theme "TEDDY." We focus on comfortable gentle touch to suggest teddy bear, unhurried silhouette, fuwafuwattokawaii sense. Please enjoy Collection with attractiveness of adult to "simple Elegance" of brand concept at this opportunity.

[present, privilege]
During exhibition period, we present small present toward the purchase more than 100,000 yen

<Trefle >40 anniversary memory

■From Wednesday, May 17 to 30th Tuesday
■Main Building 3F intimate salon

Luxurious textile across Silk Road, inspiration from "cloth of gold." Oriental print that let you use lam thread abundantly and appear is dramatic. It is Collection of the season highest peak that we finished with stick lace which is full of expressions luxuriously.

[product of photograph]
Brassiere…24,840 yen ...
Shorts…10,800 yen

<LEONARD> SOLEIL & rain Collection

■From Wednesday, May 24 to 30th Tuesday
■Main building 3F event space west

Raincoat of <LEONARD> which can spend season of depressed rain elegantly. Print of flowers harking back to lily is etanaru in Schick. We suggest styling that is mode in conjunction with umbrella of the print.

Global green WEB

ASABAN project X Chiyuki Asano

■From Wednesday, May 24 to 30th Tuesday
■Main building 3F event space

It is paid attention to produced wear, miscellaneous goods by "flax" cultivated with no pesticides no manure. We introduce various items such as haute couture designer Chiyuki Asano and dress or stole which performed collaboration for a limited time.

[information for event]
During period, we perform "flax X hair" connecting flax and wool by wool creator kamaei*omishi with soapy water production demonstration.


■From Wednesday, May 31 to Tuesday, June 6
■Main building 3F event space west

We have rain item of adult whom rainy day becomes impatient for. Please enjoy trench coat and poncho, rain-style of <AQUA SCUTUM> including miscellaneous goods item.

Annex Building 3F

Clothes and miscellaneous goods sale of interview

■From Wednesday, April 26 to Tuesday, May 30
■Annex building 3F event space

We perform clothes and sale of miscellaneous goods that are helpful in interview. Clothes of mother, child have miscellaneous goods.

[information for event]
(1)<law of nature British meeting> is discussion with mother of commute in preparatory school
Discussion that we invite senior mom who it is passed preparatory school, and is gone to. It is at opportunity to talk about how to spend examination for elementary school in point and families, life of elementary school peacefully.
■Sunday, May 21
■Time: 11:00 a.m. -, 1:30 p.m. ... (approximately one hour)
■Object: Protector thinking about the examination for elementary school
■Capacity: Each time ten people
■Entrance fee: Free of charge
■Reservation application: We accept over store, telephone from Wednesday (holiday) on May 3.
■It is asked application: 03-3274-8384 (Annex building 6F Ceremony Style)
 ※Please refrain from admission of child.

(2)Special order acceptance fair of child
We hold order party of popular custom-made brand. Designer asks about request of visitor and takes order.
■Saturday, May 27 .28 days Sunday

■Participation brand: <atoriemadamujofuku>, <auretto>,
<karinisshimo> <Gallery Best>

■Contact 03-3274-8384 (Annex building 6F Ceremony Style)
 ※We make advance order. Specifically, please refer over telephone.

(3)"Clothes of interview" personal shopping
Ladies' floor attendant of Mitsukoshi matches with individuality, request to each visitor and introduces across fence of brand.
■Capacity: Two sets-limited advance order system a day
■Advance order, inquiry: 03-3241-3311 (main switchboard)


■From Saturday, May 13 to 20th Saturday
■Annex building 3F ALEXANDRE DE PARIS

With hair accessories brand <ALEXANDRE DE PARIS> on behalf of France, we hold 2017 SRPING & SUMMER FAIR. Including new work, we offer various items.

[present, privilege]
We present original compact mirror to 30 purchase first arrival more than 25,000 yen.

Main building 2F


■... Tuesday, April 25 during holding
■Main building 2F space # 2

We suggest golf wear which had functionality for athlete demanded from silhouette which is pop graphic and mode with sense of fun as sportswear under the theme of functional ... supporting pleasure to make "FUN" ction GOLF - fashion, high performance.

<monomy> SHOP for a limited time

■From Wednesday, April 26 to Tuesday, May 9
■Main building 2F space # 2

I want, but can make; can buy. Good-quality genuine stone and gold parts are available freely in custom-made shop <monomy (monome)> and can make custom-made accessories only for you. Close Mother's Day. Do you not present original handmade accessories in <monomy>?

[information for workshop]
Does product not present original pearl necklace to mother only for you who used 14KGF luxuriously? We make your everyday thanks form by message card and selectable lapping. Special Mother's Day when it is unusual with handmade accessories.
■The date and time: From Wednesday, April 26 to Tuesday, May 9
 Every day from the midday to 12:30 p.m. (approximately 30 minutes)
■Place: Main building 2F event space
■Capacity: Each time six people
■Entrance fee: 7,500 yen (tax-included)

<superior closet INED international> POP UP SHOP

■From Wednesday, May 10 to 16th Tuesday
■Main building 2F space # 2

Under the theme of "my special resort," we have feeling of relaxation drifting item in lux in good quality material for woman with style.


■From Wednesday, May 17 to 23rd Tuesday
■Main building 2F space # 2

We suggest refreshing office casual style using organic cotton.

Shop info



■Main building 2F NEW YORK RUN WAY

-Select shop which had trendy item chosen through filter called NY-.

For more information:

Mitsukoshi bridal

Mitsukoshi bridal

We total wedding ceremony only for you by good-quality hospitality only in Mitsukoshi and support.

For more information:

※Price includes all tax (8%).
We transcribe in sales price of new tax rate application from April 1, 2014.

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