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Mitsukoshi summer kimono travelogue

■... Tuesday, May 30 during holding
■Main building 4F kimono floor

We introduce to Noto hemp cloth that linen feel of texture and simple colored pattern create cool feeling, kimono of chink sen expressing print in sumi painting and obi, silk gauze semi-gala pattern suitable for summer outing, kimono dress from silk gauze fine pattern and obi, kimono accessories directing kimono figure more.

Summer <Toray> silk kimono fair

■... Tuesday, May 30 during holding
■Main Building 4F kimono salon

We introduce silk kimono which is basic <Toray> to outing of rainy day and lesson of summer day. Silk kimono which had functional X design <Toray>. We can care for even washing machine of home.

Future ... of "otankai" (whether you chase) wearing Hana enjoying flower - next-generation dyeing and weaving writer

■... Monday, May 29 during holding
■Annex building 7F entertainments meeting place
※It is finished daylong at 6:00 p.m.

"otankai" where works of dyeing and weaving writer who names the name of "otan" considered to be noble color next to purple from ancient times, and carries the next generation gather in a hall. We introduce the world of the design beauty to spin the new history from Japan Kogei Association regular member, associate member to writer of production center inheriting the rare skill under the theme of "we convey the skill of kimono in the next generation".

[exhibition writer] (an example)
Akemi Endo (kataesen), Miyuki Otaka (silk pongee), Kotaro Omura (yuzen),
Kuroda strange beautiful (silk pongee) Yasushi Komiya justice (Edo-dyed clothe), Yuko Shinohara (vague printing),
Yuichi Hirose (Edo-dyed clothe), Takashi Matsubara (aikeisen), four iken (yuzen),
Yoko Yokomizo (embroidery)

[product of photograph]
Japan Kogei Association regular member "four iken" sen nagoya Zone
(1)Change Ichimatsu doll sentence (100% of silk)…356,400 yen
(2)Trillium japonicum (100% of silk)…356,400 yen

Yukata catalogue cover

Yukata of Mitsukoshi

■... Tuesday, August 15 during holding
■Main building 4F sinter end / event space

Theme of yukata of 2017 Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi main store "flower." Flower of yukata is in full glory from town "Nihonbashi" where kimono matches. We introduce with variation of print such as various brand yukatas or diaphragms which we did including <*sen> considered to be pronoun of yukata.

Seven-Five-Three Festival big festival of Mitsukoshi Isetan

■Saturday, June 10 .11 days Sunday
■Nihonbashi plaza 3F display hall

We wait for arrival of by assortment of goods which there is not elsewhere including arrival at Mitsukoshi-limited arrival at celebration best making even that let you concentrate the prominent skill and design powers with <Kawashima Orimono> of <Chiso> and Nishijin brocade of Kyoto yuzen and handwritten celebration by writer of Tokyo yuzen.

[privilege, present]
During exhibition period, we give privilege to person who had you buy the following target product in the meeting place.

7 years old (arrival at celebration, celebration zone)…More than 350,000 yen
5 years old (arrival at celebration, hakama)…More than 200,000 yen
3 years old (arrival at celebration, overcoat)…More than 150,000 yen

(1)Early acceptance privilege
During exhibition period, we serve by "shoulder deep frying, folding a kimono at the waist, haneri charge account" toward the purchase by arrival at celebration in the meeting place.
(2)Purchase privilege in meeting place
During exhibition period, we give "picture in watercolors colored pencil" (24 colors) toward the purchase with the target product mentioned above in the meeting place.

[product of photograph]
Keep arrival at newly made 7 years old celebration one…540,000 yen
Keep arrival at newly made 5 years old celebration one…540,000 yen
Keep arrival at newly made 3 years old celebration one…378,000 yen
※Please refer to person in charge for set contents.

Long-sleeved kimono big festival of Mitsukoshi Isetan

■Saturday, June 10 .11 days Sunday
■Nihonbashi plaza 3F display hall

Long-sleeved kimono which Mitsukoshi Isetan recommends with confidence in cathedral. In meeting place of hair ornament of snacks work and crepe material, besides, offer variation including hair ornament of yohana using high-quality artificial flower called "artificial flower" abundantly. Not only long-sleeved kimono but also visitor who is looking for accessory, obi waits for visit by all means.

[privilege, present]
More than 700,000 yen tax-included during exhibition period in the meeting place toward the purchase,
(1)"Beauty, dressing, photography (1 cut) service" or,
(2)We present either of "total paulownia apparel box present".

[product of photograph]
Kyoto yuzen long-sleeved kimono (100% of silk)…842,400 yen
West camp double-woven obi (silk, other fiber)…950,400 yen

The 82nd <Chiso> senshuimoten

■From Wednesday, June 14 to 20th Monday
■Main building 4F kimono choice salon

We count the history in business for about 460 years <Chiso>. We guide special dish of noble original kimono that the high skill and design power breathe to gaiety of happiness to enjoy the beauty of Japanese architectural style in cathedral under the theme of "we wear happiness" this time. "<Chiso> favorite one piece it is said that is to one piece of I specifications", and, based on <Chiso> product in meeting place, visit request of visitor, and accept order such as the increase and decrease of change, embroidery of colour of the ground and Aya, the increase and decrease that it is likely.

[information for event]
Design production demonstration
■The date and time: Saturday, June 17 .18 days Sunday
    Every day from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

[product of photograph]
Visiting dress (100% of silk)…842,400 yen

※Price is all tax-included.

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