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Greeting the New Year selection

■Under holding
■Main building 4F kimono floor

"We greet the elegant New Year". We introduce kimono with sexagenary cycle "inu" of 2018 as motif, Japanese towel for New Year's greetings to preparation to cause fortune.

Japan Kogei Association regular member Masakazu Akiyama
Handwoven pongee exhibition of intricate design

■... Tuesday, February 27 during holding
■Main building 4F kimono choice salon

We hold private exhibition of produced Japan Kogei Association regular member Masakazu Akiyama from sericulture to the making of raw silk, dyeing and weaving consistently in Aya-cho, Miyazaki. We introduce flexible, light feel and work featuring hue of indigo plant and shellfish purple to cathedral. In addition, Western clothes see accessories such as shawl which can have gosho in addition.

[information for event]
Writer visit

■The date and time: Saturday, February 17, 18th Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Gallery talk
■The date and time: Saturday, February 17 2:00 p.m. ...
■Capacity: 15 people (by appointment only)
■Application, inquiry: 03-3274-8288 (kimono choice salon direct communication)

Mitsukoshi spring kimono travelogue

■... Tuesday, February 27 during holding
■Main building 4F kimono floor

Dress kimono of Kaga yuzen of "Mitsukoshi preference" colors fine day solemnly elegantly. Including colored formal kimono appropriate for fine seats such as bestowal of an order, semi-gala pattern that wide wearing scene can dress well, Kaga yuzen of new sense including visiting dress of stylish taste are prepared. Minute splashed pattern print, mud and indigo plant, various dyeing due to the trees and plants, slightly refreshing comfort introduce fashion kimonos such as Oshima pongee of features and kimono spring in cathedral including obi.

[information for workshop]
Kaga yuzen dyeing experience workshop

■Schedule: Saturday, February 17, 18th Sunday every day 11:00 a.m. ..., 12:00 ..., 2:00 p.m. ..., 3:00 ...
■Entrance fee: 2,160 yen
■Capacity: Each time four people (by appointment only)
■Application, inquiry: 03-3274-8284 (kimono salon direct communication)
 ※From 10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. (we accept from Saturday, February 10 and start)

Fair of the tenth anniversary of the batik de batik

■... Tuesday, February 27 during holding
■Main building 4F bloom end

Kimono brand <batik de batik> which designer, Munetomo Itami who enjoys calligraphy and flower arrangement, incense smelling deals with reaches the tenth anniversary in this year. We introduce from obi of pluck that affected beauty of figure in a kimono, feminine activeness, flexibility to kimono accessories, underwear in Japanese dress. During exhibition period, event by Munetomo Itami holds "taste course of adult girl".

[product of photograph]
Newly made kimono (100% of silk)…162,000 yen
Munetomo Itami design Nagoya Zone (100% polyester)…96,120 yen
Obi bustle (100% of silk)…7,560 yen
Obi cord (100% of silk)…14,040 yen
Munetomo Itami design bag (dress material: silk 100%, lining: 100% rayon)…73,440 yen

[information for event]
It is taste course of adult girl <of the tenth anniversary of the batik de batik>

We give a lecture on the Japanese alphabet of kimono to conduct that even Western clothes are usable let alone Japanese binding by Munetomo Itami and which wants to begin kimono from now on frankly. How about kimono making its debut in this spring?
■The date and time: Saturday, February 24 2:00 p.m. ... (time required approximately 45 minutes)
■Capacity: The first eight people
■Entrance fee: Free of charge
■Advance order, inquiry: 03-3274-8328 (main building 4F bloom end)
■Time in: From 10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. [we accept from Tuesday, February 13 and start]

Big festival of home Oshima pongee
Fashion kimono and obi fair

■From Wednesday, February 28 to Tuesday, March 13
■Main building 4F kimono floor

Perfect gem of production center to keep the traditional skill, and to connect to in cathedral. It is special feature of wearing to enjoy spring by obi alignment that texture print that is full of elegance becomes more attractive.

onriemuaifasutomitsu kimono in Nihonbashi
kimonotachi of the ... play time

■From Wednesday, March 7 to 20th Tuesday
■Main building 4F kimono floor

We suggest new kimono and obi which crossed sense of fun that is POP with the best of Edo to cloth for Ise cotton. In addition, it is event that can enjoy not only town of Nihonbashi including shooting spot (※) that SNS shines in styling suggestion and shop which can enjoy town of Nihonbashi in kimono on foot pairwise and does but also the shop with kimono on foot.
※Photospot: We install in main building 4F kimono floor event space until Tuesday for from Wednesday, March 7 to 13th

[information for event]
Talk show "coordination in Nihonbashi of pluck to enjoy pairwise"

In couples, we hold talk show of two of Kinoshita kimono research institute / Katsuhiro Kinoshita and Mr. ball seaweed / Hashidume Noriko under the theme of enjoying kimono by friend by couple pairwise. Please talk about Nihonbashi to enjoy with "link coordination" to enjoy with point and tastes together and kimono.
■The date and time: Saturday, March 10 2:00 p.m. ...
■Place: Main building 4F kimono floor event space

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

Hair ornament fair of kazura seirohoharu

■From Wednesday, March 14 to 20th Tuesday
■Main building 4F kimono floor event space

nokazura seiroho founded in 1865. We run "TSUTAYA" besides play abbot at first and it becomes kazura seiroho afterwards and moves forward solely for accessory concerning hair of woman strenuously. Newness is always felt in kazura seiroho Nara that harmonized modern idea with the traditional beauty beautifully by articles. We introduce hair ornament that individuality glitters for the kimono clothing of fashion to the clothing of long-sleeved kimono.

Mitsukoshi spring Kyoto kimono uniform meeting of the 80th anniversary

■From Wednesday, March 14 to 27th Tuesday
■Main building 4F kimono floor

Popular special event "Mitsukoshi spring Kyoto kimono uniform meeting" which continues "high-quality low price", and reaches the 80th anniversary. In the Western clothes early period of Showa that becoming went ahead, we got cooperation of long-established store and dyeing and weaving factory of Kyoto and began. "We will introduce by affordable uniform price and full assortment of goods from now on to be able to enjoy kimono closer.

[product of photograph]
Making an order, sewing visiting dress belonging to…108,000 yen
Sash padding, sewing double-woven obi belonging to…108,000 yen

Smart Japanese indigo plant of JAPANSENSES Tokyo

■From Wednesday, March 28 to Tuesday, April 3
■Main building 4F choice salon

We introduce the world of indigo dyeing that is described as Japan blue. All the people here sees latest kimono or obi of Japan Kogei Association regular member, Koji Matsubara who continues searching the secret solely for indigo dyeing in studio of Tokyo. Matsubara who continues expressing the best of modern Tokyo based on the skill to inherit from generation to generation from grandfather, Sadakichi who was living national treasure. Please also thoroughly enjoy many works that the sharpness is sharp delicately.

※Price is all tax-included.

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