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Event & fair

Spring craft fair

■... Monday, March 27 during holding
■Annex building 7F entertainments meeting place
※It is finished daylong at 6:00 p.m.

... such as wear, accessories, bag, stole coloring spring fashion. Material, individuality and disposition of 33 writers including design present shining articles in cathedral. Sakura seems to be oneself blooming seasonal, and please enjoy many items of the clothing that was particular about color, material, taste to coordinate.

Muromachi cherry tree tea party <Fukujuen Kyoto Main Store>

■... Tuesday, March 28 during holding
■Main building 5F space # 5

We introduce tea set of recommended tea and one point thing where there is not usually the handling in tea set, spring with cherry tree as motif. Please enjoy cherry-blossom viewing that one pair is early with tea and tea set of <Fukujuen Kyoto Main Store>.

<Korino.I> spring jewelry Collection

■... Tuesday, March 28 during holding
■Main building 5F Western dishes

Handmade product of design original as for all the works bold in Masami to spin with genuine stone, beads by Noriko Izumikawa who won many prizes. We introduce new work including necklace of recommended gorgeous flower motif to spring wear.

We enjoy cat and flower

■... Tuesday, March 28 during holding
■Annex building 8F gallery amuse

Silver of <kana and Mahiro> who featured the theme of cat and flower and jewelry of money and cat of <Naomi Ichinose> introduce genuine stone accessories and picture of motif. At the same time, we introduce skirt and blouse of old Liberty print of <Miyako Yamada>, miscellaneous goods of motif of flower.

Cherry tree and cherry tree and cherry tree and SAKURA

■... Tuesday, April 4 during holding
■Main building 5F gallery life mining

At this time when blossom declaration of cherry tree is carried out, we feel spring and introduce various cherry tree items which can feel profundity of cherry tree. In addition, there is business of spring cherry tree BAR which is muddy, and can enjoy liquor.

NEW KASURI LIFE <the matter right e gate>

■From Tuesday, March 28 to Monday, April 3
■Main building 5F interior promotion

We suggest living item fitting modern living including slippers and cushion cover from <the matter right e gate> sending new charm of Kurume cloth with splashed patterns to.

Kumamon flock

■From Wednesday, March 29 to Tuesday, April 11
■Main building 5F space # 5

One year passes from Kumamoto earthquake on Friday, April 14. Although support from various parts of Japan to the damaged district can continue, they need "continuous support" for stricken area revival more. We flock with "Kumamon goods" as Kumamoto support plan.

[information for event]
Kumamon arrival
■The date and time: It is from the midday to 12:30 p.m. for from 10:30 a.m. to 11:00 on Wednesday, March 29

Spring wear to enjoy with cloth

■From Wednesday, March 29 to Tuesday, April 4
■Annex building 8F gallery amuse

We introduce many handmade product bags which it is easy to use by fashion of <B B Sae> who prepared adult of <nizumutakoizu> which put kimono remake and <saul> of original seaweedware and silver and turquoise together using casual accessories, European dough.

<studio indigo plant Kino> of Kurume cloth with splashed patterns is dressed; ten

■From Wednesday, March 29 to Tuesday, April 4
■Main building 5F ibentosupe-su (the specially selected Japanese dishes salon depths)

Kurume cloth with splashed patterns which was born by girl Den Inoue approximately 200 years ago. Delicate print, texture still attract people. It was simple and trained to be able to wear for a long time simply because it was Kurume cloth with splashed patterns woven after many processes for trouble time carefully. Please enjoy spring batter that heart is excited.

<Gien> X <Gen-emon>
Beautiful blue world - French blue X Japan blue

■From Wednesday, March 29 to Tuesday, April 11
■Main building 5F Western dishes

Earthenware studio <Gien kiln> of France and <Gen-emon kiln> of Arita are collaboration rates under the theme of East-West blue. <Gien> shows MI precedence sale new series "indigo" to let you yearn for dyed pattern that fused of blue and white. From <Gen-emon kiln>, Shinsaku who arranged floral design of popular mirufururu by original interpretation with <Gien> appears.

Send later ※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

Fukuoka, Okawa modern furniture fair

■From Wednesday, April 5 to 11th Tuesday
■Main building 5F interior promotion

We introduce furniture using beautiful pure materials of grain of wood such as walnut and oak of brand setting up factory in Okawa-shi, Fukuoka. We keep knob and skin of innocence which tree has with alive and feature dynamic design which started feel of texture of tree on the front.

We enjoy back and others or ... handwork in ... spring

■From Wednesday, April 5 to 11th Tuesday
■Annex building 8F gallery amuse

Tatters of the first exhibition <exotic MOS> and Indian cloth and leather korabore-shombaggu. Accessories - which put genuine stone and leather strap of <nanairo Shigeru Nishida Keiko> together. Original accessories - of metal engraving and genuine stone of <C.C. ACT>. And we introduce various handwork works which you can match with clothing including furawa-dekore-shon which arranged preserved ya paper flower of <Yoshida window> in the future.

Service (Japanese dishes) of busoso which Jiro Shirasu and Masako loved

■From Wednesday, April 5 to Tuesday, May 9
■Main building 5F gallery life mining

We introduce "busoso" (old criminal court residence) where sense of beauty of Jiro Shirasu, Mr. and Mrs. Masako breathes with valuable document and suggest "beautiful Japanese living with principle" that we want to value in the present times. There is sale of original item in total, too.

Send later

Idha varikkio art exhibition

■From Wednesday, April 12 to 18th Tuesday
■Annex building 5F stationery

We continue drawing flowers and garden and exhibit acrylic, print mainly on new work of fair sex Impressionists painter Idha varikkio in cathedral in the present age when UNICEF cards are got close even to widely all over the world.

<Chisa> We live in muranogarasu and Japan
Jewelry & lifestyle ... of ... Chisako Kotaki

■From Wednesday, April 12 to 18th Tuesday
■Main building 5F Western dishes

Tableware and jewelry that we did from island of glass of Venice, murano island are the concentration this year on main building 5F. Item of <chisa (Chisa)> melts for the cause of Japanese designer Chisako Kotaki produce, our living and is crowded and raises feeling with ukiuki.

[privilege, present]
<Chisa> We buy de more than visitor doing shopping for the first time, again tax-included 10,000 yen and present pendant top of venetian beads to visitor of request.

<Setsuko Sahashi> Liberty printware
<so la bo, Naomi Tachibana> original jewelry

■From Wednesday, April 12 to 18th Tuesday
■Annex building 8F gallery amuse

We introduce Liberty print wear which is full of colors and original jewelry of Italian taste. Blouse, tunic, dress of cotton material of <Setsuko Sahashi> are wears which they, please catch in coming season. Bag and pouch usable compactly are recommended. In addition, we introduce work which yellow gold and necklace of genuine stone, sense including ring that made sunflower of Italy Toscana design than original jewelry brand <so la bo> of <Naomi Tachibana> who learned design and metal engraving technology in town Florence of art glitter.

Ciao! espresso

■From Wednesday, April 12 to 25th Tuesday
■Main building 5F gallery life mining

Under the theme of cafe (espresso) which is representative of food culture in Italy, we introduce point to take espresso deliciously with demitasse and espresso machine.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

C90 Origins of the Future of the 90th anniversary of Cassina founding

■From Wednesday, April 12 to 25th Tuesday
■Main building 5F interior promotion

Cassina company reached the founding 90th anniversary in 2017. We produce various architects, work of designer during the history. By project to celebrate the 90th anniversary, we reproduced zerumaka residence specifications of masterpiece "RED AND BLUE" of heritto Thomas Rietveld newly.

Kyoto National Museum 120th anniversary exhibition @ Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi

■From Wednesday, April 19 to 25th Tuesday
■Main building 1F center hall

"Kyoto National Museum" which is opened in 1897 (Meiji 30), and reaches the 120th anniversary in this year. We perform the history and activity contents of conventional Kyoto National Museum, introduction of holding under the theme of "we join cultural assets together to coming ages" this time and carry out original goods sale at the same time. We display and sell attributive collaboration work with "Tokyo handwork" as memory of the 120th anniversary at the same time.

[information for event]
Talk show by Director Kyoto National Museum Sasaki
■Friday, April 21 .22 days Saturday every day 2:00 p.m. ...
You invite Mr. Johei Sasaki of Kyoto National Museum's director to meeting place, and please talk about present problem, problem and way in the future from constitution of Kyoto National Museum.

Kyoto National Museum characters "thoraphosphorus" arrival
■Friday, April 21 .22 days Saturday every day 11:00 a.m. ..., 1:00 p.m. ...
You can enjoy photography together.

World ... of Java saraca spelled by orchid gong exhibition - handwork

■From Wednesday, April 19 to 25th Tuesday
■Annex building 8F gallery amuse

Indonesian designer <orchid gong> who learned fashion with New York. We have item recommended smartly in coming season to go in wear, scarf of freehand drawing batik with <orchid gong>, summer including bag in meeting place and introduce.

World in 1000, Kawawa, Nihonbashi crane watercolor exhibition of cat fish princess

■From Wednesday, April 19 to 25th Tuesday
■Main building 5F east building event space

The mysterious world that "cat fish princess (nyangyohime) ®" and friends having tail of fish develop when from one of cat does in Nihonbashi. Sea turtle of Okinawa and white crane with a red crest crane of Hokkaido dance, and frog sings and flower gets on wind and goes on a trip…. We described joy, brightness of life of various creatures in relaxed painting with watercolors. If all of you can become smile unintentionally, we are happy.

Vintage silver - spring hospitality ...

■From Wednesday, April 19 to Tuesday, May 2
■Main building 5F Western dishes

We introduce silverware which decor at the time and the splendid skill that displayed table in the beginning with enjoyed Afternoon Tea gorgeously from the 19th to the 20th century in the U.K. are seen in. Including tea service set made of sterling silver, we had item which just reached steering wheel from London including cutlery set using yellow lip pearl shell.

[privilege, present]
We present silver polishing set as privilege to visitor of the purchase, the first five people more than tax-included 54,000 yen.

For Mothers day

■From Wednesday, April 26 to Tuesday, May 2
■Annex building 8F gallery amuse

Pleatsware such as floral design of color variations that flower pleatsware of <sewing Osami> is abundant. It is elastic at light weight and is suitable for trip.
Art jewelry of <Funaki citron> is original jewelry which is delicate, and is pretty, and expressed "form" in precision casting technique of plant which nature creates. At the same time, mainly on ring of <Shinsuke Umino>, we introduce original jewelry utilized characteristic of beautiful stone with production demonstration.

Shop info

Natural & is organic

■Main Building 5F

We provide relaxing time from "it is organic natural &" which featured the theme of beauty and health, healing.

For more information:

I, D S (interior design service)

■Main Building 5F

We heard consultation to live, and to relate to such as interior coordinates, order furniture, reform, maintenance of house.

In detail (window opens)

※Price includes all tax (8%).
※Consumption tax rate was changed from April 1, 2014.

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