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Art of Mitsukoshi

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... which we introduce recommended work which Mitsukoshi art selection - stylist chose to

Was gift of Father's Day chosen yet?

We purchase art work easily online this time and introduce site "Mitsukoshi art space" where there is gift package again (there is some exclusion work).

In this site, we offer art work to attach "the beauty" and "color" to led by popular writer whom buyer of art of Mitsukoshi recommends to much to live.

It is the best to look at art directly, but see work at store while seeing screen as this site has extended function; can experience.

Though we want to go to store, in "Mitsukoshi art space that is good to visitor in terms of time hard to please," would you like to buy gift this year on "Father's Day?"

■A part of the product is available in Mitsukoshi online store.
Mitsukoshi online store

Shop info

Information for pictorial record (digital catalogue)

You can see some pictorial record by digital catalogue in "exhibition information" page.

[May] Held exhibition information is this
[June] Held exhibition information is this

  • Mitsukoshi culture information formula Facebook page We send timely information of art

  • Mitsukoshi art space Mitsukoshi online store You can buy some products in Mitsukoshi online store.

  • Information for Ginza Mitsukoshi 7F gallery Display schedule of this month

  • KASSI We introduce information of art including art fair exhibition.

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