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Autumn trace tea service set feature

■From Wednesday, August 2 to 21st Monday
■Main building 6F arts and crafts salon

Japan which spends a time with tea although side where tea ceremony treats and treated side are perfect for seasonal noutsuroiotomoni But, it is traditional culture proud of.

It is tool not to be able to miss in the tea ceremony. Reason, the choice are said to be in preparations when they look at tools such as bowl, incense game, water jar for the tea ceremony when they know depth of sense of beauty and culture of the master who established the seat if particularly important.

We hold special feature of tea service set titled autumn trace this time. We gather approximately 40 points of tools from early fall to trace of fire pot and, from jujube, bowl of classic patterns of autumn flowers or Musashino to work of creation-like wabi sabi of today's writer, exhibit in cathedral.

Please drop in.

(the left)
isei﨑kyo "Bizen water jar for the tea ceremony encouraging news"
(diameter 16.4cm X 15.8cm in height) 89,640 yen

(the center)
Hiroto Yasuda "waxing moon bowl" (Yumi sticks bowl)
(diameter 11.5cm X 8.5cm in height) 108,000 yen

(the right)
Hana Yoshida plus "jujube silver rust coat autumn flowers"
(diameter 6.7cm X 6.7cm in height) 86,400 yen

※Price includes all tax (8%).

※It becomes build-to-order manufacturing. About delivery date and expense, we talk at the time of consultation.

※By display (monitor) of PC, please note that you may be different from color of real work.

※About work, we heard advance order exhibition period ago. Work which we published on the first day of the exhibition is already in case of making a promise. Excuse me, but thank you for your understanding beforehand.

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