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Service guide: Consultation


Gift salon Main Building 5F

■Main building 5F = gift salon
Gift advisers with abundant knowledge of gifts, will advise customers what kind of presents/return presents are appropriate for weddings & funerals. accepts a present of the ceremonial occasion, the consultation of the gift in return.

Bridal, ceremonial hall consultation Main Building 5F for free

■Main building 5F = bridal corner
Staffs with technical knowledge totally support the bride & bridegroom about ceremony of betrothal, introducing of wedding halls, gifts for guests at wedding reception.

Bridal jewelry Main Building 6F for free

■Main building 6F = jewel salon
Jewelry coordinator shows around various bridal jewelry together.

CONCEIRGE Main Building 7F for free of living

■The cafe of main building 7F = opening
We provide various services useful for whole family. For example meal delivery service & housekeeping service for your old parents, whether living together with your family or not.

Insurance consultation Annex building 8F reservation system for free

■Annex building 8F = REFORM BOUTIQUE point
The exclusive duty adviser of the Mitsukoshi Isetan group who have abundant knowledge will advise you in a private room to keep your privacy. (consultation for free, reservation system)
[advance order, inquiry] M eye card 0120-678-872 (from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.).

Care consultation main building 7F reservation system for free

■Main building 7F = lacking decision club
We have nursing-care products. Professional staffs give you appropriate advice.

Nutrition consultation Main Building 7F reservation system for free

■Main building 7F = lacking decision club
We have health food. Administrative dietitian gives appropriate advice.

Pharmacist Main Building 7F medical care

■Main building 7F = medicine
We accept consultation of medicine that matches symptoms of customers.

Trip consultation main building 7F for free

■Annex building 7F = Mitsukoshi thoraBell Center "salon of trip"

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